There’s only two more posts for me on here before 2010, and due to not being able to think of anything else to post about, I’m going to place my top development-ish related New Years resolutions that I’m going to make up on the spot.

  1. Finish an iPhone app – I’ve started a few small apps but I haven’t had one fully finished in a usable form. I want to create at least one app and release it for free on the app store, just for fun.
  2. Design an elegant Report system – Our current application has difficulties generating reports due to bad code and weird business rules. I want to rewrite the entire report system into something elegant and fast.
  3. Play more Go – I really like Go, and I haven’t played much in the last year or so. I’d like to start more games in person and maybe schedule regular times to play online games. I feel that Go helps me as a developer for both its analytical possibilities, along with the strategic maneuverings that are useful in any office place.
  4. Be more awesome – This one is sort of vague. By being more awesome I mean to increase my productivity, make myself someone reliable that people go to for help, push the boundaries on development and research for my team, and generally become more awesome at work.
  5. Work on more home projects – This goes a bit along with the first one. I do a lot of development at work, but it’s a very narrow area of development. In order to really expand my abilities as a software developer I have to free myself of the project restrictions placed on me by my current priorities at work and do more spare-time development. Maybe I’ll make a game or improve some process that I do by automating it. Maybe I’ll find an open source project to contribute to. Speaking of…
  6. Contribute to an Open Source project – It’s often quite a bit more difficult than people make it sound to contribute to an open source project and have your changes accepted. Just reading up on the code for some projects in order to understand it enough to make a change can take a lot of time and dedication. I’d like to pick a project to help out on and contribute to as I feel it will help me as a developer along with giving back to the community.
  7. Improve my average pomodoro count – Currently my average number of pomodoros is lower than I would like. I’d like to increase how many pomodoros I complete per day by an average of 3-4. Trying to remove procrastination activities and learning how to focus better is still an ongoing process.
  8. Continue to update this blog – I’d like to be able to do another post like this one in about a year. That means not giving up on the blog and making it part of my routine so that it doesn’t get abandoned.

That’s just a quick list that I came up with in 10 minutes or so. It’s not exhaustive and I’m not sure if I’ll actually meet all of the goals but I’d like to try.

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